At is new, or has changed in the previous 3 - 6 weeks an unexplained sore throat that has lasted longer than it should unexplained swelling in the glands under your ear, or around your lower jaw, that does not go away unexplained pain on one side of your head or neck for more than 4 weeks, with ear ache for no apparent reason the guidelines also say the gp should send you for an urgent chest x-ray if you have had a hoarse, husky or quieter than normal voice for more than 3 weeks, particularly if you are a smoker aged over 50, or a regular, heavy drinker. image of viagra pill cheap viagra If you are still worried if you think your gp is not taking your symptoms as seriously as they should, you could print this page (and the symptoms page) and take it along to an appointment. viagra for sale online cheap viagra without a doctor prescription   you can view and print the quick guides for all the pages in the about nasal cancer section. should insurance pay viagra buy viagra soft tabs   back to top     the guidelines it can be very difficult for gps to decide who to refer to a specialist. Viagra 50 side effects image of viagra pill With many symptoms, it is perfectly right that your gp should ask you to wait to see if your symptoms go away on their own, or respond to treatment such as antibiotics. cheapest online viagra viagra without a doctor prescription If gps referred everyone with any symptom to a specialist immediately, the system would get jammed and those needing urgent appointments wouldn't be able to get them. buy cheap viagra female viagra pink pill There are particular symptoms that mean your gp should refer you to a specialist straightaway. Viagra woman buy viagra online usa no prescription Nice (the national institute for health and clinical excellence) has produced guidelines for gps to help them decide which patients need to be seen urgently by a specialist. Buy viagra online rx viagra tadalafil side effects These government guidelines on referrals for head and neck cancers were revised in june 2005. buy viagra buy cheap viagra While reading these guidelines, it is important to remember that nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancers are very rare, with about d new cases each year in the uk a number of risk factors affect your chances of developing a head and neck cancer back to top     urgent referral guidelines according to department of health guidelines, you should ideally get an appointment within 2 week. how does women viagra work kamagra generic viagra uk viagra without a doctor prescription miami


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